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    • Last of the Small Baroque Puppet Portraits ON SALE!

      Hi friends. I'm officially discontinuing the current style of small sock puppet portraits, what I refer to as the "small baroques." Fret not, I'll eventually find something else I like. In the meantime, I have all that I have left of the standard series up for sale on my site,...

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    • EMOJI Book Publishes Oct 8!

      Hi friends. Monday seems like a nice time to announce the publication of my fourth (!?) book, 'Emojis: The Secret Behind the Smile.' http://www.amazon.com/Emojis-The-Secret-Behind-Smile/dp/1909313734??????⛄️?It was super fun to write, and releases internationally on October 8! Enjoy a brief history of everyone's favorite modern mode of expression, interviews with Emojis, a...

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    • New Book - "50 Knots You Need to Know" available in April!

      Hi internet. I'm happy to announce the soon publication of my third book, "50 Knots You Need to Know." http://www.amazon.com/50-Knots-You-Need-Know/dp/1909313564This is a weird one, and further proof that my career is...unique. I'm really proud of the book, but it went through a strange sales journey that gives both a sense of...

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    • Art at Hi Fi, Opening Feb 19!

      A bunch of my portraits are up at the awesome HiFi bar in Manhattan! The opening party is up on Thurs, Feb, 19 and features a koo koo Uncle Monsterface acoustic show AND! The world premiere of my (admittedly short) LIVE SOCK PUPPET SHOW, Sock Puppet City! https://www.facebook.com/events/990229574323149/

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Last of the Small Puppet Portraits!

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